Bold Earth夏令营, 让我好欢乐!

作者:Denika Kao    来源:环球营    2017/01/09

小作者Denika Kao 13岁,就读于纽约私立学校 The Ethical Culture Fieldston School。爱好阅读、踢足球、长笛。2016年夏天第一次参加住宿夏令营。

There are a million different camps all around the world-so why Bold Earth? Well, not only did Bold Earth bring new opportunities to try new things and meet new friends, they also taught me responsibility in a safe and friendly environment. Simple things such as cooking for the group, setting up and taking down the tents, cleaning out the van that we use to get to and from places, and keeping track of your belongings can really impact the way you think about living by yourself. I had the best group one could hope for, with understanding counselors and welcoming peers. Now, whenever I think back to those two weeks of pure fun, I smile and laugh, reminded of the hair-raising adventures and moments I had.

全世界有成千上万不同的营地--为何要选择Bold Earth?因为Bold Earth不仅带给我新的机会去尝试新事物和认识新朋友,它还教会我在一个安全和友好的环境中的职责。一些简单的事情例如为团队下厨,搭建和拆除帐篷,清理我们来回乘坐的面包车,以及保存自己的东西,这些都真正地影响我所想象的如何自己一个人生活。我拥有我所希望的最好的小组,有善解人意的辅导员和受欢迎的同伴。现在,每每回想起来这两周纯粹的快乐,我都会微笑甚至大笑,那些惊心动魄的冒险和难忘时刻都让我记忆犹新。

Bold Earth weaned me out of my comfort zone, and challenged me to try new things, such as mountain biking. What I thought it was going to be like was very different from what it actually was. The image in my head was like this: nice scenic routes through lakes and mountains, pleasantly cool weather,with plenty of long breaks along the way. What it really was: thrilling risky paths down the side of a mountain, turns and twists all the way down, and short thirty second breaks every now and then along the trail. Let me tell you, I was not expecting that, but nevertheless, it was exhilarating. Experienced mountain bikers were there to help us along the way, each biker with a group of three orso. If people had trouble riding bikes, it was no problem at all. All you simply had to do was to slow down, and the guides would match your pace. After lunch, which had followed the mind-blowing biking, we pedaled to a dirt ramp park. This was a place for people of all different ages to show off their skills, with dirt ramps and bumps to be found in every single nook and cranny. I loved it, and it showed me a whole different side to biking.

Bold Earth让我走出自己的舒适区去挑战新的事物,比如山地自行车。我想象中骑山地自行车的状态跟实际上真正经历的是完全不同的。在我脑海中是这样的景象:湖泊和山脉的优美风景路线,凉爽的天气,途中还要有大把大把的休息时间。但真实的情况却是这样的:令人毛骨悚然的沿山下坡小路,一路上都曲曲折折,每次短暂的30秒休息后又要继续前行。让我告诉你,我从没想过会是这样,但不管怎么说,整个过程让我非常兴奋。夏令营配有经验丰富的山地自行车手帮助我们,每个车手带3名营员。如果有人遇到骑车的问题,一点都不用担心。你只需要放慢速度,向导车手会耐心跟着你。完成了令人兴奋的山地自行车旅程,午饭后我们又骑车去了一个泥泞斜坡公园,这是个适合各年龄段的车手展示自己骑车技能的地方,在泥土坡道每一个角落和缝隙都有可能会碰撞。我非常喜欢它,它让我看到了一种完全不同的骑车方式。

For me, the backpacking hike was the highlight of the trip. During these three days, we climbed the mountain Rosalie Peak. Never having experienced this before, the whole trip from the beginning to the end was new to me. This part of the camp was where the interaction with nature got real; and I mean really real! We got our water from nearby brooks and streams, then added purifying tablets to our water bottles. Have to go to the bathroom? No problem, just find a nearby tree that sheltered, or dig a hole if it’s number two. Our counselors taught us so much about leaving behind no trace, which meant taking all of our garbage with us, making sure we left each place we had camped it the way we found it, and taking care of the environment that we travelled through. All of us carried our own backpacks which held our clothing, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, toiletries,etc. We, campers and counselors alike, helped carry the foodload, and other necessities that we would need. During the scale up the mountain, there were plenty of breaks, with funny jokes and stories shared in between pants from exhaustion, and moments where everyone wanted to fall down and never get up. But the hard work was totally worth it in the end, when we summited the 13,575 ft tall mountain on day two. The view was breathtaking,like our own private scenery that only we could have access to. I will never forget that moment, gazing down at everything else, from lakes and rivers to trees and snow.


Bold Earth was the first camp where I really spent a lot of time away from my parents, and I have to admit, I was having so much fun I didn’t feel homesick! When I first signed up for this camp, I was scared, because of how down-to-earth it was. I mean, no running water for two whole weeks?! It was all worth it in the end. Besides doing and learning new activities, we also did some volunteer work, which made my friends and I feel good about ourselves;that feeling where you feel satisfied with what you did. Bold Earth taught me so much about appreciating life, and I have made so many memories and friends that I will cherish forever. I can’t wait to return next summer!

Bold Earth是我参加的第一个住宿营地,我真正长时间的离开了父母。我必须承认,我感觉特别有趣以至于我都不觉得想家!当我报名参加这个夏令营时,我有些害怕,因为这个营太接地气了。我的意思是说没有自来水整整两周?!最后我觉得这都是值得的。除了实践和学习新的活动,我们也做了一些志愿者公益工作,这使我和我的朋友们感觉很好,这种感觉是你对你所做的事情感到满意时油然而生的。Bold Earth教会了我如何珍惜生活,让我有了这么多美好的回忆并结交到了值得一辈子珍惜的新朋友。我已经等不及明年夏天再去参加了!


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